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Lucy is busily writing the script for the play that her women's club is going to put on, a little something called ""A Tree Grows in Havana,"" and she needs Ricky to appear in it. When Ricky sees the script, he immediately declines. So Lucy is then left with no alternative but to get Fred to agree to do the role. Deciding that Fred wouldn't be very good for portraying a Cuban character, Lucy decides to rewrite the play so that it is set in England. Later, however, Ricky decides that he wants to be in the play when he hears that some very important sponsors are going to be at the women's show. So he manages to trick Fred into giving him back the role. But Ricky doesn't know that Lucy has rewritten the play. This leads to some pretty disastrous results.

Episode: Lucy Writes a Play

Air date: Feb 04, 1952

Show: I Love Lucy

Season: 1

Episode: 17

Duration: 30


Director: William Asher

Rating: 1.0 (1 times)