FAQs - How to use TVRaven to stream free shows online

  • This is due to slow internet. Please pause the player for 5-6 minutes and come back.

  • All links are third party, we have No control over them. However, you can avoid pop ups by pairing your device with TVRaven. Know how to pair your device.

  • Sometimes third party links fail to load. Please pair your device and see if the issue is resolved. If not try downloading after pairing and see if you can play it. Failing that, you can always use the report feature so that we can fix it.

  • Use the refresh button below the player to get a new link.

  • Click the box as shown in the picture to go full screen.

  • Subs will automatically load if we have them, if not you can always use your own sub, by using the "CC" button as shown below.

  • Like search engines, we only crawl and view the best link to you, but sometimes we can be wrong. Please submit a report if it's a wrong episode or wrong language or if the episode is not playing.

  • First pair your device with TVRaven, it'll automatically enable the download button below the player, now click download button, your download will start.

  • Sometimes our crawler can't find episodes so you might see missing episodes. Mention it in the comments and we'll get to it.